Top 10 Wedding Poses for Couples

The Day of Wedding- Aaahhhh!!!…. Probably the most difficult time to keep you nerve intact, for many it is tougher than the job interview day, because you can’t even prepare well enough as there is no syllabus for Wedding. It is something that just flows with the time and you seems like being dragged by hundred of activities around you. Hold on! It is not the end; the worst thing is that all those your nervous moments are captured one by one. And the last thing you can expect your Wedding photographer saying “Cheese”.

Now trend has changed a lot, people are much aware about their wedding as they planned it well. The bride and groom are very careful about their postures these days. They look beautiful and confident in their pictures as the things are now well planned and controlled.

Tip: Try to look organize and plan your poses with your partner.

Caution: It can’t happen if you are living in India, here it is not considered good that couples meet before marriage. Don’t worry I have a solution for that too. Make your partner aware by sending images of different poses via phones.

Here are the Top 10 Wedding Poses for Couples to look amazing in the pictures.

  • Cheek on Cheek Pose:

Want to get a way to show affection, love and unbreakable bond between couple go for cheek and cheek.

  • Heart Pose:

To make it special as well as stuffed with fun, this post is the easiest you can get.

  • Goggle Pose

It is trending for brides after the release of song “Kala Chashma” and “Mere Sayyan Superstar”. Go for it to make your wedding different.

  • Back Hug Pose:

Suitable more for brides to show her love with groom; Men can also go for it to create “Aww” moment.

  • Side by Side Pose:

It is best way to show each other that we stay side by side in all ups and downs of life.

  • The Frame Pose:

The frame is the best prop that can be used with nice background to capture them together. Go for beach, Sun set etc. for backgrounds.

  • The Lying Pose:

The great way to show affection is by lying in opposite direction with their head side by side looking each other with a blend of touching each other.

  • Hand in Hand Walk Pose:

The one of the best styles of saying people just leave a way as we are going to start a new romantic life forever.

  • Father’s Affection Pose:

Bride! Don’t forget to snap yourself with your father, as he is the one before the groom to take care and a major source of love. A must have picture for your album.

  • Kiss Pose:

The last but not the least pose is the Kissing Pose. Come On Groom! Show the world that now she is yours and you are her’s only.

I hope you guys will try the above mentioned poses in your Wedding. I just want to say enjoy your wedding and leave a love for life impression on your wedding album so that you can be remembered by your upcoming generation.

And Oh! I forgot “Happy Married life”.