We offer you different aspects of photography services which includes the following:

real estate photography - mazahar khan real estate photographer in lucknow

Real Estate photography:

The capturing of finest details of infrastructure of a building including interior as well as exterior is known as Real Estate photography. The photographs captured in this event are displayed in catalogues, magazines and Newspapers.

contemporary photography - mazahar khan contemporary photographer in lucknow

Contemporary photography:

Contemporary photography can be described as a photograph from our own time, compared to an image from a much earlier period. This is performed at different stages of life to portray the sequence of change in appearance.

single couple photography - mazahar khan single couple shot photographer in lucknow

Single/Couple portraits:

Portrait photography is a photograph of a single person or couple that captures the personality of the character by using effective lighting and poses supported by backdrops. A portrait picture is very inventive and need skill for perfection. They are generally taken at wedding events.

wedding photography - mazahar khan wedding photographer in lucknow

Wedding photography and videography:

Wedding is most special day in life for couple where people like to display their emotions and love. Wedding photography is the photography of manners relating to weddings. It comprises photographs of the couple for pre wedding as well as coverage of the wedding and reception in the form of photograph or video format.

landscape photography - mazahar khan landscape photographer in lucknow

Landscape photography:

Landscape photography showcases the beautiful regions within the world. Landscape photographs typically capture the beauty of nature but sometimes show concern on man-made effects on landscapes.

candid photography - mazahar khan candid photographer in lucknow

Candid photography:

A candid photograph is a photograph captured without creating a posed appearance. This can be worked out in many possible ways when the character is in motion, by avoiding prior preparation of the character or by surprising the character. Thus, the candid photo is unrelated to the character’s knowledge about or consent to the fact that photo is being taken.

traditional photography - mazahar khan traditional photographer in lucknow

Traditional photography and videography:

Traditional photography is the style of photography we all have used in the past, where carefully framed photographs are taken of character that poses for the photographer with his inputs. These photographs are usually very well planned out at weddings in the past.

fashion shoot - mazahar khan model portfolio photographer in lucknow

Fashion photo shoots:

Fashion Photography is a form of photography which is dedicated to display clothing, make-up and other fashion bits and pieces. Fashion photography is often performed for fashion magazines or model portfolio. In recent times, fashion photography has developed its own space in which the clothes and fashion accessories are enhanced by the presence of exotic locations.

event photography - mazahar khan event photographer in lucknow

Event Photography:

Often times shooting special events is not the most glamorous thing in photography, but when a client calls you up looking for a photographer to shoot an event, you take the job seriously. The Event may be described as conferences, trade shows, retirement dinners, holiday parties, galas or corporate anniversaries.