About me

“I believe we only live once; every moment of life is worth capturing. From my experience, I started to look life not from my eyes but through camera lens.”

-Forenamed by Mazahar Khan


Being passionate about photography, I did not start it at once. I worked as a SEO consultant for a Real Estate company, but keeping the spark of photography in my heart alive. I fell in love for photography when I was about eight years old. The advancement of technology, invention of smart phone and all those stuffs turn my spark into flame. Then I realised that yes! It is the time to polish my photography skills. Fortunately, I met with the talented crew of mine. They are just amazing photographers in the whole city of Lucknow. I have learned basics and transformed my passion to professional height. So far being the part of 100+ weddings in Lucknow have earned me the know-how to capture minute details in my digital screen. I was extremely fortunate to have many endowed and liberal photographers take me under their guidance to illustrate me the corridor. Without their valuable advice there is no way I would have become the photographer I am today.

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