About the Work-room.

Photography is an art that generally incarcerate the unusual moments of life on photographic film. This art is very rare to find in the city of Lucknow. Mr. Mazahar Khan, so far the best photographer in Lucknow. His talented bunch of crew is serving the dimensions of Events, Concerts, Pre-wedding and Wedding at reasonable cost. We are the reason behind the success of numerous occasions, events and wedding of people via art of our photography serving in the areas of Lucknow.

We are hired by the people who look for creativity, originality and ingenuity. We make their event memorable. The snapshots are creating Long-lasting impact on viewers. The photographs captured by us, are self explainable that will take you to the past to re-live that occurred moment again, similar to time travel.

Our view is different from others; we look a moment to be captured from various angles so that they can represent the same mood in which you were. Although it seems difficult but our crew is so professional that they make it happen in just one click.

We are loaded with the most sophisticated equipments and techniques of photography to provide you the best shots at perfect time with in Lucknow. We know the skills, craft and the art of photography to portray the happiest moments of one’s life. Choose the best to get the best.

Looking for best photographer in Lucknow?

Here is the solution of your problem – The Mazahar Photography in Lucknow is now proving the finest capture of moments, emotions and feelings. We analyse things at different obliquity and confine the best that suits you the best. Our expertise in Aspect Ratio, Bokeh, Burst, Mode Depth of Field, Flash Sync, ISO and Rule of Thirds is creating jaw dropping effect on many faces.

What we Offer?

The Mazahar Khan Photography offers a complete package of photography solutions in Lucknow. Our pictures showcase lively moments that are enchanting and charming.

We offer you different aspects of photography which includes the following:

  • Candid photography:

The candid photography is now trending in India. The young generation is found of such photography. We have our crew, who are best in candid photography, don’t feel shy to contact us.

  • Single/Couple portraits:

Portraits are the advanced form of paintings. The senior generations still falls for this kind of photography. Give us an honour to portray your beauty on enlarged paper.

  • Contemporary photography:

We offer this photography to the beloved children of your family. This allows you to see their progress physically and financially in an album. Later you have something to feel proud and admire.

  • Traditional photography and videography:

As the saying goes old is gold. The traditional way of photography never goes out of style. You just need to pick right guys with advanced techniques and blend of tradition.

  • Wedding photography and videography:

We are the best wedding photographers in Lucknow. We cover every event of wedding including Tilak, Engagement, Sangeet, Mehendi, Varmala, Mandap, Vidai and Reception.    

  • Real Estate photography:

We also have a new and inventive style of Real Estate photography to showcase your plots, homes and flats from inside to outside for magazines, articles or newspaper.

  • Landscape photography:

This style of photography is dedicated to nature lovers. The beauty of this world is hidden from hectic eyes of this generation. We as a professional photographer finds it a responsibility to bring those hidden features of this nature before this generation.

  • Fashion photo shoots:

We offer you the best photo shoots in Lucknow.  If you are a model and want to impress somebody with your portfolio then you are at the right place. Feel confident to approach us.

  • Event Photography:

The event photography is very rare art. The Mazahar’s photography is the best photographer for the purpose of event in Lucknow. We consider every event special as it is special to you too.

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I was the first one to hire Mazahar Khan’s Photography for my wedding event and I am fully satisfied with work.


I find Mazahar Khan is the best real estate photographer in Lucknow. His photographs are published in my office booklets.

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